Xeriscape Lawns: The Value of Low Maintenance Landscaping

When purchasing a home, no detail is too small. That’s why every inch of homes at The Vineyards of Amarillo are designed for low-to-no-maintenance living. From seamless, grout-less showers to brushed steel faucets, there is no detail that hasn’t suited to save time and money for home-buyers.

One of the biggest investments of time and money is maintaining a home’s landscape. Waking up early or heading out after dark to water, weekends of mowing and outrageous utility bills are just a few of the prices that can be paid to keep a home looking good.

That’s why we incorporate a Xeriscape option into the homes at The Vineyards of Amarillo. Here’s how our Xeriscape options can save you money and ease your workload:

Monetary Savings

The Professional Landcare Network estimates that Americans, on average, spend $700/year on mowing, edging and leaf cleanup and another $400/year on lawn care, such as fertilizers and weed control. Combine that with an estimated $400-600/year in additions to utility bills caused from lawn maintenance, and that’s quite an investment. It’s an expense that is so deeply embedded into our culture that home owners often don’t even think about it.

It’s a simple concept: reducing water usage means lowering utility bills. Many of the plants and natural features, such as rocks, cost less money than expensive turf, which means our Xeriscape lawns will start saving you money immediately.

Our Xeriscape lawns don’t just conserve water, they bring a great looking, unique to your outdoor space. Transforming your yard with native plants and decorative elements is a great way to increase your home’s value.


The name says it all. Our Xeriscape lawns require little to no maintenance. Watering requirements are low, and can be met with simple, cost-effective irrigation systems, if required at all.

The Professional Landcare Network estimates a weekly:

  • 45 minutes of mowing time
  • 45 minutes of edging and trimming
  • 1-3 hours of watering
  • 1-3 hours of garden maintenance

That time adds up when considering the average yard in Amarillo is larger than the national average.

Because Xeriscape lawns have a smaller turf area and fewer unadapted plants, they have fewer problems with disease and insect control and have lower demands for water and fertilizer. Using less water also means weeding and pruning will be less frequent, if required at all.


With many areas, including Amarillo, experiencing drought of varied severity, as well as 100-plus degree heat, homeowners are find themselves in an uphill battle against the sweltering temperatures, the inability to frequently water, and the struggle to maintain a traditional lawn and keep alive plants that may not be suited to the local climate.

For most of North America, over 50% of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape lawns can reduce landscape water use by 50 – 75%.

Additionally, filling a yard with native plants means that no fertilization or pesticides need to be used, so your natural habitat stays natural.


No detail is too small to consider when buying a home. Contact us for more information on Xeriscape lawns or to schedule a viewing.

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