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Brick vs. Stucco – Which is better? Better? That’s a very subjective word. Bigger is better for some, smaller for others. White is better for some, green for others. In this article, we will examine the economics, beauty, energy efficiency, maintenance, style, and political correctness of using brick vs. stucco. Maintenance: Not much maintenance is required for any exterior masonry product, so long as it is installed correctly. Brick, stone, and stucco will all “weather” over time, as dust collects on the porous surfaces. Do you need to clean your brick, stone, or stucco? No, but you may choose to do so with a power washer if you want to restore the original color to your masonry products. Performance: The real differences in brick, stone, and stucco lie in the performance area. Brick and stone are both installed as a veneer with a minimum 1″ air gap between the back side of the brick/stone and the sheathing attached to the outside of the exterior walls of the home. This air gap allows the exterior sheathing to act as a drainage plane for any moisture that might condense on the exterior sheathing, or that may penetrate the brick/stone. What? Water can penetrate through brick/stone? Yes, brick and stone are porous products. The mortar used to hold the bricks and stones in place is even more porous than the brick. It only takes about 30 seconds for water to penetrate through the mortar and begin to run down the back side of the brick. Stucco, in sharp contrast to brick/stone, is applied directly to the exterior sheathing. A moisture barrier is installed over the exterior sheathing, followed by a “brown coat” of cement. Finally, the stucco finish coat is applied. This product, if installed properly, is waterproof by nature. Moisture will not penetrate through a stucco wall. So, from purely a performance perspective, stucco outperforms brick and stone. Beauty and Style: Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? The same applies to the use of brick, stone, or stucco. We personally like all 3 products, as you can see. You should choose the one that you like the best.
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